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The project 'Friction and Overlap between EU Free Movement Rules and Immigration Law in the United Kingdom' was led by Professor Jo Shaw, Salvesen Chair of European Institutions in Edinburgh Law School. The Research Collaborator on the project was Maria Fletcher, Senior Lecturer in European Law, Glasgow University and the Research Fellow was Nina Miller, now at Glasgow Law School.

'Friction and Overlap' evaluated the relationship between European Union free movement rules and United Kingdom immigration law, with a view to understanding how the relationship between these two systems is evolving. The project produced outputs which are designed to be useful to academics, practitioners, policymakers and those with a more general interest in the development of UK immigration law, and the UK’s adjustment to its EU law obligations.

Download the Final Report, 'Getting to Grips with EU Citizenship' (May 2013) (pdf)
You can find a separate executive summary here.

Research in a Nutshell Video: Jo Shaw: Citizenship & the EU:


The project was funded by the Nuffield Foundation and was supported by Edinburgh University.

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